"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Deep within we all have talents and truths that
we have either forgotten or have never released. 

First, I am a Princess, I am a Painter. I am a Public Speaker, I am a Facilitator of Inspiring Women's Retreats, I am an Author. I am a Woman, I am a Sister, I am a Mother, I am a Wife, I am a hot mess... and most importantly I am an amazing Grandmother. 

What lies within you?


There are some things in life that we just don't get to understand. My guess is, that it is in the confusion of those moments, that we are allowed the opportunity to define ourselves. I now call those moments “Slingshots Moments”. Times in our lives when we get to pull back the slingshot and even feel the pain of pulling harder and sometimes even a bit harder…until it hurts beyond what we can even imagine we can bare. Then pulling back the slingshot just a fraction of an inch more. I believe it is when we fully and courageously embrace  these moments that we rise to our true potential and live in our magnificence.

I believe that everyone has a story. I also know that most people can learn from the stories of others. I hope that my story will inspire another soul, even if it's just one, to share what has made them extraordinary.   I love what Viktor Frankl quoted in his book Man's Search for Meaning,

"What is to give light, must endure burning."  

It is often through the light of the burning flames of someone's else's pain that we can find our own way, which in turn, would also make it true that others might be finding their way through the cold murky darkness by the light of our burning. 

This is my story and this is my legacy. 

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Time is TBD
ARIZONA- Possibly Utah
Summer Retreat 2019
This Summer Retreat- 2019 might actually be held in Utah at my favorite campground - Whiting Campground - Mapleton, Utah! There is also a possibility of a Mountain Retreat in AZ. Stay posted!
Thu, Mar 21
Dancing Buffalo Desert Oasis Resort
Spring Retreat 2019
Spring is a time of "rebirth"! A time for growth and clarity in what we are creating. Its a time to "fertilize and water", a time to connect with the resources that will assist in your creation. This retreat is all about what you want to create in your life. Why are you holding back?
Fri, Feb 15
Untethered Retreats
Couples Retreat 2019
Make 2019 the year you really do something that changes everything!
Thu, Jan 24
Dancing Buffalo Desert Oasis Resort
Winter Retreat 2019
Winter is a time of hybernation. A time to just be still and "let it be". Winter Retreat gives us the opportunity to ponder and search our souls for what it is that we truly want to create come Spring.
Thu, Oct 04
ARIZONA- Dancing Buffalo Desert OasisResort
Fall Retreat
Please bring all personal belongings for a 2-night stay. All meals and training materials are included. Please notify us of any allergies or diet restrictions. A detailed list of this event will be emailed after deposit is paid.
Time is TBD
Dancing Buffalo Desert Oasis Resort
Fall Retreat 2019
Just as the leaves in Autumn fall from the trees when they no longer serve the tree. So it is in our lives. The things that no longer serve us deserve to fall away and create the void for the new. What do you need to let go of in order to make room for what you REALLY want?

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I am a Grandmother